1.5 Years Prison For Buni Yani

LPKN – Jakarta. Determination of verdict against suspect Buni Yani in case of violation of Information and Electronic Transaction Act (UU ITE) which took place in Library and Archive Service Building, Seram street, Bandung, Tuesday (11/14/2017) afternoon. In the hearing, the panel of judges of Bandung District Court headed by M Saptono considered Buni Yani legally and convinced guilty of his actions and sentenced him to 1.5 years in prison.

“Stating the defendant Buni Yani is proven to be legally guilty of altering, adding, subtracting, transmitting, destroying, removing, transferring, harboring electronic and / or electronic documents belonging to others or publicly owned,” Saptono said in a court ruling.

The act of Buni Yani is considered to fulfill the violation of UU ITE, Article 32 Paragraph 1 and Article 28 Paragraph 2 by performing hatespeech and editing the video content of Ahok’s speech. In this case, Buni Yani was charged with altering the video of Ahok’s speech in Thousand Islands by removing the word ‘wear’. In addition, Buni Yani was charged with disseminating information that caused hatred of society based on tribe, religion, race, and intergroup (SARA). This is related to the posting of Buni Yani on Facebook.

This verdict is lighter than the prosecutor’s charges, because in the hearing on 3 October ago in the same place, the team of prosecutors led Andi M Taufik sued Buni Yani 2 years in prison and a fine of Rp 100 million subsider 3 months confinement.

According to the judge, the incriminating thing about this case is that the defendant’s conduct has caused unrest and the defendant has not admitted his guilt. While the lightening thing is Buni Yani has never been punished and have a family dependent. (SA)


Author: LPKN

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