Enggang Bird, Endemic of Kalimantan is endanger

LPKN – Enggang bird is a protected animal species. Enggang bird is sacred by Dayak people. However, the enggang bird population is hard to find.

The enggang bird population in Kayong Utara regency, West Kalimantan province, is increasingly scarce due to the presence of hunters who threaten the existence of Enggang bird. Enggang bird is known to have an economic value on beak selling.

One of the live Enggang bird locations is in Gunung Palong National Park (TNGP). But now, as the population decrease, enggang bird is endanger.

This is added with logging due to land clearing for plantations and agriculture.

Udin, a resident of Gunung Sembilan Village, Sukadana District, said that Mendale Hill, a hill around his village, is the habitat of Bird of enggang rangkong and enggang gading. Udin admits that he and the citizens often meet with the hunters.

According to him, the hunters bring air rifles. Usually they hunt apes, bats and other animals. “Residents have never seen a hunter carrying enggang bird. They hunt clasi, apes, bats and more, “he said quoted from prokal.co

Udin, a member of Explore Kayong Utara, himself and residents had reprimanded the hunter not to shoot the Enggang bird. “Because we are afraid the Enggang bird habitat will be disturbed, because of the hunting activity,” Udin said.

In response to this, it should be the government’s attention through related institutions and other authorities to more preserve the Enggang bird. (CF)


Author: LPKN

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