wawan h. purwanto

Wawan H. Purwanto

Wawan H. Purwanto is a researcher and observer of intelligence that focus on development of ideology, political, economic, social, cultural, defense and security. As a researcher intelligence matters, he often asked to comment on various strategic issues. In any comments, Wawan connects these issues with national awareness increasingly threatened vanished. Therefore, he got the nickname as intelligence analysts of national awareness.

Born in Kudus, November 10, 1965, he became intelligence analyst when was asked by a department conducted research of defense and state security. Demand continues to research and generate findings were astounding. However, not all of the results  disclosed to the general public. Only a small fraction of intelligence information that could be delivered in public. Wawan was then a guest speaker at many seminars and fulfill interview requests from various media, both nationally and internationally. He also wrote down its findings in the article are then published in various print media at home and abroad. The number of articles he has written over 500 articles. In addition, he also revealed the results of its research through a number of books and DVDs containing intelligence research presentations at various forums.

Henry started very well-known names as intelligence analysts after the Bali bombings. October 12, 2012. When he was often asked to talk about bomb threat in various forums. When it happened, Wawan has warned bombs will continue to explode, because the root of the problem is defense system changed after the lifting of the Anti-Subversive” law.