Jokowi: Trans Papua for Economic Improvement

LPKN – Jakarta. In the Meeting of Regional Representative Council (DPD)  at the Parliament Complex of Senayan on Friday, November 17, 2017, President Joko Widodo mentioned about the development of Trans Papua. The President discusses the relationship between the development of Trans Papua and the increasing economic growth of Papua with the logical of eggs and chickens.

“It’s the same with eggs and chickens, first built the way, the economy grows or we wait for the economy to grow newly built roads,” said President at the moment.

In the meeting, President asked all DPD members present to support and assist government efforts to improve infrastructure development in the country, especially in Papua.

“Do not let when we build Trans Papua, even there from the DPD who asked for what.Trans Papua we wake up so that the infrastructure inequality of western Indonesia, middle and east so balanced, “said Jokowi.

Jokowi explains, currently the imbalance is still very far, the price of basic materials to build such as cement reached 800 thousand dollars, even in difficult season to reach 2.5 million per sack, whereas in Java only 70 thousand rupiah.

“In the months of bad weather can sometimes be 1.5 million and in certain districts can be 2.5 million,” said the president.

This is the same as the price of fuel oil (BBM) which reached 60 to 100 thousand rupiah per liter. In fact, in Java, the price is only 6500 rupiah per liter.

“This is not an economic problem, it is a matter of justice for all the people of Indonesia,” said Jokowi welcomed the applause of DPD members who attended.

According to Jokowi, the current price of cement in Papua can be suppressed even though it is not exactly the same as the price in Java, but kalua trans Papua is finished, the price gap will decrease.

“But if Trans Papua finishes can be transported by land rather than air, more or less the price is similar in Java,” said this former governor of DKI Jakarta. (SA)

Author: LPKN

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