OJK: No Debt Collector Term

LPKN – Jakarta. The Indonesian Association of Payment Companies (APPI), Kemenkumham, Polri, and OJK agreed to abolish the term Debt Collector and replace it with the term “collecting service personnel”. From the Results of Workshop and Dialogue of Law Number 42/1999 on Fiduciary Guarantee conducted on Monday (20/11/2017), Head of Sub Directorate of Metro Jaya Police Vehicle AKBP Antonius Agus Rahmanto asserted in the OJK regulation there is no term Debt Collector, the legal term is “collecting service personnel”.

“Agreed not to use the term debt collector, but collector’s service personnel. Reduced, even eliminated the term debt collector. Collecting services, this is contained in the rules of OJK, there is no debt collector, “said Antonius.

In addition, the rules relating to the workforce mechanism of the collector’s service are also tidied up, this is intended to provide protection and a sense of comfort to consumers who have been haunted by the term debt collector is identical with those big bodies, frightening and abusive impression that will not hesitate- unwilling to forcibly take possession of a debtor’s property if already assigned to billing.

Chairman of the Association of Payment Companies Indonesia (APPI), Suwandi Wiratno said, currently the recruitment of billing services personnel must be done through legal entities or companies. If a finance company is caught recruiting a private collector, OJK will issue a warning letter. In addition, the collecting service personnel are also required to be certified through graduation in training or codes of conduct. The results of certification in the form of a charger service identifier are only valid for three years.

“It means that they should take the class Dites, must answer (pass) Well, these results come out and last 3 years.Rear behind written they should not violate the code of ethics.The code is (part of) the training we provide, “explained Suwandi.

Code of Ethics and Customer Rights

The code of ethics contains rules about billing or execution with no violence. In addition, a collector’s service can’t arbitrarily recruit or invite other parties in the task. The party authorized to collect is also required to show the certificate or identity as a certified collection service. Therefore, the customer shall be entitled to refuse to pay or seizure of goods if the collector’s services can’t show such official identity.

If the collector insists that violence or looting takes place, the customer is entitled to report the matter to the police to be processed in accordance with applicable law. For collecting service personnel who are found to violate the code of ethics or even the law, it will be revoked and blacklisted.

“If there is a collector’s service, it can’t show if it is not possible to show the identity if there are many people avoid as much as possible,” said Antonius on the occasion. (SA)

Author: LPKN

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