Orange Vest Setya Novanto

LPKN – Jakarta. Jakarta – MI. The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) succeeded in completing homework that has been very difficult to resolve. Sunday night (19/11/2017), KPK finally able to arrest terhadap Chairman of the House of Representatives, Setya Novanto who became a suspect in the case of mega corruption of ID Card Electronic after a series of episodes drama that made the public furious.

The figure potentially removed as Chairman of the Golkar Party was brought KPK investigators from RSCM Kencana to Rutan KPK. This can be done referring to the statement of RSCM doctors team and Indonesian Doctors Association (IDI) that the fugitive cases of Electronic ID card no longer need to be hospitalized.

“The RSCM doctors team stated there is no indication anymore for hospitalization,” said Director of RSCM, Dr. Czeresna Heriawan Soejono, in a press conference with KPK in the main lobby of RSCM, Jakarta, Sunday night (19/11/2017).

Previously Setya Novanto’s name was included in the list of people most hunted by KPK, after the anti rusuah failed to arrest when visited his private residence on Jalan Wijaya XIII, Melawai, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta. Novanto is 11 times absent from the Anticorruption Commission’s call, among them 10 times with status as a witness, and once as a suspect. The lawyer of Novanto reasoned, his client was only once called as a suspect.

Currently Setya Novanto has officially put on an orange vest as a prisoner of the KPK and detained in Rutan Guntur, South Jakarta. The KPK be thankful for the cooperation of the Police of the Republic Indonesia and has assisted the security ahead of the Novanto transfer.

“Thanks to the Chief of Police and Wakapolri who have helped to the maximum starting from maintaining the safety of suspects and operations that lasted for this,” concluded KPK Deputy Chairman Laode M Syarif on the same occasion. (SA)

Author: LPKN

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