Peaceful 2019 Election, Can We?

LPKN – The 2019 general election stage has begun, until the closing of the registration of political parties on October 16, 2017, the General Election Commission has received 27 political parties as candidates for the 2019 election. Of the 27 parties, 17 are still being checked for file completeness as well as registration documents. The KPU also gave additional time, in order to check the registration documents for one full day.

Election 2019 is a decision of the Constitutional Court (MK) which aims to occur checks and balances between the president and the House. The Constitutional Court also stated that the holding of elections will simultaneously affect the efficiency of the budget. So that the financing of the implementation of more save the state money derived from taxpayers and the results of the exploitation of natural resources and other economic resources. With that efficiency, it will certainly improve the country’s ability to achieve the state’s goals as mandated in the Preamble of the 1945 Constitution which, among others, to promote the general welfare and as much as possible for the welfare of the people.

In addition, simultaneous elections will also play a role in maintaining the psychology of voters, to minimize the possibility of social conflict due to prolonged political tensions. In addition, there are other important implications, namely the changing democratic culture that is built. At least, the coalition culture of political parties that have been based on pragmatic and temporal reasons. With simultaneous elections, the coalition will slowly head toward the parliamentary coalition.

Moreover, in the light of the 2004 and 2009 presidential elections conducted after the election, it was found a political fact that negotiations and political bargaining took place with political parties as part of the logical consequence of support for the election of the president and the support of the DPR in the administration. Not to mention that negotiations and bargaining are in fact more tactical and momentary than strategic and long-term. Thus, the president of the fact becomes highly dependent political parties that according to the Court can reduce the position of president in running the power of government according to the presidential government system.

Thus, simultaneous elections can also avoid tactical political negotiations or bargaining in the interest of the moment. Thus, in the future, negotiations and strategic coalitions of political parties can be created for the long term. This will certainly be directly related to the people of Indonesia, where the elections will be held simultaneously in 2019 will be able to provide great benefits for the people of Indonesia. (MA)


Author: LPKN

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