Ratification of Community Organization Regulation, Support !!

Ilustration of Rejection of Community Organs Anti-Pancasila

LPKN – Government efforts to counter the development of ideology that is not in accordance with Pancasila, evidenced by the birth of Government Regulation in Lieu of Law (Perppu) No.2 Year 2017 on the Community Organization that finally on October 24, 2017 yesterday, legalized into Law.

The plenary session of the House of Representatives approves the Government Regulation in Lieu of Law No. 2 of 2017 on Community Organizations to become legislation through voting mechanism because all factions in the Plenary Session failed to reach consensus deliberation even though the lobby forum was held for two hours.

PKB, PPP and the Democrat Party can approve the Public Order Ordinance to be a law with a direct record of revisions made in some respects. The three factions, namely PKS, Gerindra and PAN firmly reject the Perpmas Ormas to be ratified as a law

As the plenary progressed, thousands of people rallied against the enactment of the Perppu into law. Most of the protesters from religious-based organizations such as Alumni 212, the mass of Hizbut Tahrir Indonesia (HTI), and others. Where HTI is an organization that will be dissolved by using the Basic of Community Organization because it is considered radical or contrary to the ideology of Pancasila. Through the Perppu, HTI is disbanded without going through court mechanisms.

HTI filed a lawsuit for revocation of its legal status to the State Administrative Court. HTI is also filing a judicial review to the Constitutional Court, where in the end the material test must be stopped because the House of Representatives agreed to legalize the Public Order Regulation into Law.

In the Perppu, the thing that has always been controversial until now is the difference in interpretation about the size of “force crunch” as the political and sociological basis for the formation of the Perppu. In fact, it is often assumed that many Perppus are formed not because of a compelling crunch, but because they impose a crunch or because of a compelling interest. “Compelling interest” can be described as an abnormal state requiring extraordinary efforts to end the situation.

Nevertheless, as Indonesian citizens who also have to take care of Pancasila as state ideology from other ideology that can destroy the existence of Pancasila, we naturally support the enactment of Law on the organization. (MA)

Author: LPKN

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