The Case of KPK Leader, Jokowi: If There Is No Proof, Stop!

Jakarta – LPKN. The alleged polemic of false documents and the abuse of authority involving KPK Chairman Agus Rahardjo and Vice Chairman of KPK Saut Situmorang have become a hot issue in the media coverage column for the last time. Responding to this, President Jokowi asked Polri to deepen the case according to the legal corridor, and stop it if no evidence is found.

“I have asked to be stopped if there is such a thing” said Jokowi.

This case is expected to have no impact on the deterioration of relations between two state institutions that are equally engaged for law enforcement in the homeland.

“The relationship between the KPK and the Police is fine, but I ask for no noise,” said the President.

The number one person in Indonesia said there are legal processes and procedures that must be carried out by the Police, and the President insists that the Police carry out the legal process properly.

“There is a legal process, but I will not let any actions that are not based on evidence and facts,” he concluded.

Previously, Chairman of KPK Agus Rahardjo and Vice Chairman of KPK Saut Situmorang reported by the legal team chairman Setya Novanto, Sandy Kurniawan, to Bareskrim Police, related allegations of crime with alleged manufacture and use of fake letters to extend the prevention abroad for Setya Novanto who dragged cases of electronic ID cards.

In that case, Novanto had a suspect status. However, it was expelled from that status after winning a pre-trial suit in the South Jakarta District Court. (SA)

Author: LPKN

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