The Peace In Papua

LPKN – Timika. The creation of peace and prosperity for the people of Papua is expected not only to be a slogan in media coverage and in the discussion in social media. Papua Police Chief Inspector General of Police Boy Rafli Amar conveyed this and explained that the Police and TNI continue to invite the community to realize the hope of peaceful Papua.

“We want Papua to be safe and peaceful, and the TNI and Polri are committed to it, it needs broad public support to make it happen not just to be a slogan,” Boy Rafli said.

It is said by the Papua Police Chief to make civilian communities against the armed civil groups that endanger the lives of Papuans.

“Bringing firearms, let alone used for illegal purposes, is very dangerous. It is not justified that firearms are held by civilians to commit acts or acts against the law, let alone eliminate the lives of others, “the former Kadiv Police spokesman said.

Related to the hunt for 21 fugitives who are included in the People Search List (DPO) of various shooting cases around the Tembagapura area, Boy said that this time is not the time to do violence in solving various problems.

“Now is the time to build, it takes hard work, the act of imposing the will through an anarchist, radical thought will not be accepted by the crowd,” added Boy.

In addition, the Police and the Armed Forces will also establish an integrated task force post in Banti and Kimbeli, Mimika to prevent re-entry of armed criminal groups that are considered still want to control the region.

“We are preparing the location for the integrated security post there,” Boy said. (SA)

Author: LPKN

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