The story of School Burning Terror in Palangka Raya

SDN 4 Menteng Palangka Raya burned, Friday (21/7/2017)

By: Choirul Fuadi)*

LPKN – In the last of July, people of Central Kalimantan, especially in Palangka Raya were shocked by the news of School burning terror. There were 8 elementary schools (SD) that burned by anonymous.

The story of school burning; Firstly, it happened on early of July in SDN 1 Palangka, Tuesday (4/7/2017). The school burned on that day. It also happened to SDN 6 Palangka which only 3 meter distance of SDN 1 Palangka. The location of both schools is close which only 3 meter.

After paused long and without any suspicious from many sides, Friday (21/7/2017), SDN 4 Menteng burned. Not long, only 30 minutes later, SDN 4 Langkai also burned in the same day, Friday (21/7/2017).

By this burning, people feel curiosity and many opinions were arising among the people. But, Police stated the burning on those schools is caused by short circuit. Lately, a fact arise, SDN 4 Langkai does not have electric.

A day later, Saturday (22/7/2017) in the early morning, the burned school happened again. The school was SDN 1 Langkai. At 5 am, in the same day, it also happened on SDN 5 Langkai. It means that less than 24 hours, there are 4 burned schools. They are SDN 4 Menteng, SDN 4 Langkai, SDN 1 Langkai and SDN 5 Langkai.

When the situation is slowly calm and under tight guarded, a week later, Saturday evening (29/7/2017), SDN 8 Palangka burned. The terror continued to SDN 1 Menteng, Sunday in early morning (30/7/2017). Not only Elementary School, but also SMK (Vocational high school) Isei also burned, because the location is side by the SDN 1 Menteng. The education world of Palangka is blue because of the terror.

In the beginning of arrested suspect, the motif is assumed caused of economic reason. But, after, Indonesian Police from Headquarters Polri has involved in the investigation, police arrested again 9 suspects of burned schools. The 9 suspects are Yansen Binti (member of DPRD), Ahmad Gozali, Suryansyah, Indra Gunawan, Yosef Dadu, Yosef Duya, Sayuti, Fahri, and Sthepano.

Yansen Binti is the head and the boss of the burned school terror. He will have many laws. It was stated by Head of providing information of Public Relation Division of Indonesian Republic, Kombes Pol Martinus Sitompul. It assumed that the motif is, because he want have attention from Governor of Central Kalimantan regarding a project.

Police has taken some evidences, such as car that used during burned schools; some motor cycles and documents belong to Yansen.

The suspects are jailed in Bareskrim Polri, Jakarta. It aimed to make easy of investigation.

Author: LPKN

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